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Reclosable Bags   Reclosable Bags
As a pioneer in producing LDPE reclosable bags (or recloseable bags) in Thailand in 1978, we produce bags made of high grade LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) and have more varieties in our production line such as Plain or Printed reclosable bags, Anti-Static reclosable bags, Specimen bags, Handle Grip or Carrier bags, Kangaroo reclosable bags, Compartment reclosable bags, Bottom-Guesset reclosable bags, Wicketed reclosable bags, Tamper-Evident reclosable bags, Vented reclosable bags, etc.
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Reclosable Bags   Drinking Straws
As the first manufacturer in Thailand who produces flexible drinking straws, we would like to offer our wide range of drinking straws made of PP (Polypropylene) such as Straight, Flexible, Spoon, Coffee stirrer, Straight or Flexible straw wrapped with Paper or OPP film.

Our products are widely used in restaurants, hotels and hospitals as well as in private residences. We carefully select the best available raw materials for the production, realizing the importance of safe and hygienic products.
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Reclosable Bags   General Bags & Gloves
We provide for colored multi-purpose & garbage bags producing from a virgin & high grade (non-recycle) HDPE with high quality of thickness & odorless, good for using in hotels, hospitals, restaurants, public places & households.

Also provide with HDPE gloves, a soft & thickness high quality multi-purpose gloves which safe for using with food by “food contact grade standard” & use for household tasks, gardening or chemicals concern tasks.
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Reclosable Bags   Active breathable Packaging (MAP)  Thantawan Industry PLC.
Fresh & Fresh is a type of MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) that controls level of gases transmission through the package and leave the gases inside the package at the level that could create equilibrium stage. At this stage, fruits and vegetables inside the package would lessen their respiration to a level that could extend their life and freshness while do not generate any perishable and maintain their flavor.
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Reclosable Bags   Biodegradable Products  Thantawan Industry PLC.
Environmental responsibility is a part of everyday business and consumer life. We aim to be a part of ecological problem solving. Thantawan is proud to offer compostable product lines under “EcoAbsolute” brand. It is to ensure our customers that all of products we sell under EcoAbsolute are compostable certified by international standards including EN13432, ASTM D6400, ISO14855 (17088), JIS K6950/6951/6953.
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