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Environmental responsibility is a part of everyday business and consumer life. We aim to be a part of ecological problem solving. Thantawan is proud to offer compostable product lines under “EcoAbsolute” brand. It is to ensure our customers that all of products we sell under EcoAbsolute are compostable certified by international standards including EN13432, ASTM D6400, ISO14855 (17088), JIS K6950/6951/6953.
EcoAbsolute is the hub of bioplastic materials around the World. The Material are all certified as bioplastic materials ranging from biodegradable, compostable, home compostable and higher by leading organizations within International Composatble Product Certification Network.

All material used for EcoAbsolute are selected for best property of each application. As our products ranging from various kinds of bags, zipper bags and drinking straw, material selected are proven to provide the best of each kind.

Therefore, EcoAbsolute products can be used in the same way as conventional plastic under ordinary conditions. The only characteristic that EcoAbsolute products are different is the degradability of the products.

EcoAbsolute products will be degraded by microorganisms to carbon dioxide and biomass in the natural cycle.

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  Thantawan Industry PLC.
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