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Reclosable Bags   Zipper Profile  Thantawan Industry PLC.
According to the fast growing of the flexible packaging nowadays, we, based on our long experience and expertise in the reclosable bag for over 30 years, utilize this know how developing our zipper profile “Zip Solution” in order to serve and meet the market needs.

Zip Solution focuses on how to keep the freshness for our customers’ product, to create convenience to the packages and also for a better appearance to the packages.

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Reclosable Bags   Zipper Attached Packaging
With the advantage that we are the zipper profile producer under the brand “Zip Solution”, we therefore, provide our customer as a one stop service. We are able to supply our customers both mono layer and multi layer attached zipper bag (flexible packaging with or without zipper) with best quality and best service.

We are able to supply flexible packaging such as mono layer bag with zipper attached, multi layer pouch bag, stand-up pouch bag, 3 side seal bag with or without zipper with print and without print. With our commitment, we supply all products with best quality and service. We understand that most of all products are used in food industry, therefore, every process of our production assured to food safe. We manufacture under the GMP standard and all products have been produced by the high technology machine.

Products are able to produced:
Thantawan Industry PLC. Mono layer ( PE/PP bag mono layer with zipper attached)
Thantawan Industry PLC. Conventional side seal
Thantawan Industry PLC. Print up to 8 colors
Thantawan Industry PLC. Bottom gusset bag
Thantawan Industry PLC. Tamper evident bag
Thantawan Industry PLC. Multi-layer bag with or without zipper attached
Thantawan Industry PLC. Pouch, stand-up pouch
Thantawan Industry PLC. 3 or 4 side seal
Thantawan Industry PLC. Bottom gusset bag
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Reclosable Bags   Our Brands
Our company’s products were distributed both in international and domestic market under our brand and trademark such as Thantawan, Kitchen Neat, Cyberplast, Eco Absolute, Fresh & Fresh, Sunbag and Zip solution.
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