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Thantawan Logo
The legend of the brand represent to our company and use as basic & well known brand in market for all generic products such as drinking straws, standard reclosable bags & gloves
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Kitchen Neat Logo
Kitchen Neat®
Kitchen Neat® provide full range of household retail packs such as Reclosable bags, Drinking Straws, Glove, Garbage bags and Breast Milk Storage Zip-Bags in which all products are developed to conform with consumers' daily usage.
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Eco Absolute Logo
Eco Absolute
Environmental responsibility is a part of everyday business and consumer life. We aim to be a part of ecological problem solving. Thantawan is proud to offer compostable product lines under “EcoAbsolute” brand. It is to ensure our customers that all of products we sell under EcoAbsolute are compostable certified by international standards including EN13432, ASTM D6400, ISO14855 (17088), JIS K6950/6951/6953.
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Fresh and Fresh Logo
Fresh & Fresh
A registered brand from our company with an innovation in packaging technology in order to keep freshness in fruits & vegetables and help to extend their shelf-life longer.
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Cyberplast Logo
An innovative product aim to responsibility to social & environment, after use and dispose cyberplast products, they are suppose to degradable by sunlight to decrease garbage & global warming.
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Sunbag Logo
A brand for a high quality garbage plastic bag of our company, Sunbag was produced from high quality plastic materials with thickness, odorless and standable with star seal on its bottom.
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Zipsolution Logo
According to the fast growing of the flexible packaging nowadays, we, based on our long experience and expertise in the reclosable bag for over 30 years, utilize this know how developing our zipper profile “Zip Solution” in order to serve and meet the market needs.

Zip Solution focuses on how to keep the freshness for our customers’ product, to create convenience to the packages and also for a better appearance to the packages.
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